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America On Rails, Vol. 1

Scene from: America On Rails, Vol. 1

The AMERICA ON RAILS Series features the fabulous 16mm films of Arthur M. Cox, Jr. His films show a cross section of America’s railroads between 1937 and 1974 with an emphasis on Interurbans and Passenger Trains. There is also rare footage of steam and early diesel. Featured in this first program:


In July 1938, Art Cox takes you on board this famous tour sponsored by the National Railway & Locomotive Historical Society and Railroad Magazine.

Ride behind a Milwaukee Electric on the "Olympian" and take a trip on the Virginia & Truckee. Many other highlights of this tour are seen.


  • Milwaukee Road "Hiawatha"
  • Santa Fe "Super Chief"
  • Chicago & North Western "400"
  • Great Northern "Empire Builder"
  • Pennsylvania Railroad.


  • # 22 makes up the Weekly Mixed at Keeler, CA


  • Cedar Rapids & Iowa City
  • Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee
  • Chicago, Aurora & Elgin
  • Aurora, Elgin & Fox River
  • Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transportation Co.
  • Chicago & West Towns Railway.

Narrated by Rege Cordic with personal remembrances by Arthur M. Cox, Jr. In color with some black & white sequences.

30 minutes

America On Rails, Vol. 1 (WB-030)
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America On Rails, Vol. 2

Scene from: America On Rails, Vol. 2

The second episode of AMERICA ON RAILS featuring the rare 16mm films of Arthur M. Cox, Jr. begins at Chicago Union Station with steam and diesel powered name trains from these railroads:


  • Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
  • Milwaukee Road
  • Alton Railroad


  • Gary Railway
  • Philadelphia Electrics
  • Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee
  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • South Shore & South Bend
  • Streetcars of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern
  • Staten Island Rapid Transit
  • New York Elevated Lines
  • New Haven


  • "Wheels A-Rolling" rail pageant with historic engines and rolling stock in action.


  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
  • Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
  • Erie Railroad
  • Chicago & Western Indiana
  • Chicago & Eastern Illinois
  • Chesapeake & Ohio
  • Soo Line
  • Grand Trunk & Western
  • Milwaukee Road
  • Manchester & Oneida

Narrated by Art Cox and Rege Cordic with musical background.

30 minutes

America On Rails, Vol. 2 (WB-036)
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America On Rails, Vol.3

Scene from: America On Rails, Vol.3

AMERICA ON RAILS (Section 3) concludes this popular series featuring the historic 16mm films of Arthur M. Cox, Jr. In this program you will see more Interurbans, City Cars and Commuters that serve cities across America.


  • Charles City Western (Iowa)
  • Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern
  • New Orleans Public Service
  • Illinois Terminal
  • Shaker Heights Rapid Transit (Cleveland)
  • Atlantic City Transportation
  • Philadelphia’s Electric Lines
  • Pittsburgh Railways
  • Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee
  • London & Port Stanley (Ontario, Canada)
  • Erie-Lackawanna.


  • Milwaukee Road Commuters


  • Erie-Lackawanna "Phoebe Snow"
  • Pennsylvania Raiload TrucTrain
  • Algoma Central 1974 Excursion
  • Amtrak - 1973 Northeast Corridor


  • Connecticut Electric Railway Museum
  • Edaville Two Foot Gauge Line

Plus...see rare black & white footage of a 1929 excursion from New Orleans to San Diego.

Narrated by Art Cox and Rege Cordic.

37 minutes

America On Rails, Vol.3 (WB-037)
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Milwaukee’s Mighty Electrics

Scene from: Milwaukee’s Mighty Electrics

Today, only an abandoned right-of-way extends across the grassy hills and through the pine forests of Montana and Washington State. This was the domain of the Milwaukee Road Electrics.

DOUGLAS JONES, an avid fan of the Milwaukee Electric’s visited these wide-open spaces in 1965. With camera in hand, he documented this unique bit of American railroad history in high quality 16mm color film. Here are some highlights of Doug’s efforts:

  • "Joes" in action over Pipestone Pass.
  • "Box Cabs" crossing the Columbia River.
  • "Steeple Cab" switches the South Butte Yard.
  • The beginning of Dieselization in 1968.

DON L. HUNTER originally recorded the distinctive sound of this rugged and powerful form of motive power that is heard on the hi-fi soundtrack of this program.

REGE CORDIC, railfan-actor-announcer tells the story of this fascinating railroad. Broadcast quality film-to-video transfers makes it possible for you to enjoy these rare films in you own living room.

40 minutes

Milwaukee’s Mighty Electrics (WB-028)
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